Rebuilding Port Arthur

The rebuilding is beginning, as people return to the cities and towns along the Gulf Coast, hit hardest by Hurricane Harvey two weeks ago. Nowhere is the destruction more severe than in Port Arthur, Texas. Not a single home was spared the ravages of the flood that engulfed this small city.

"At this point the material stuff really doesn't mean a lot," survivor Debra Scott tells us. "We've got our life and can rebuild and we can replace material stuff."

60,000 people lived here before Hurricane Harvey hit. Public officials estimates fewer than 30,000 people are here today. Those who stayed or who have returned are cleaning up the mess left behind by the wettest hurricane ever to make landfall in the U.S. Driving or walking through the neighborhoods of Port Arthur, The flood water rose to five feet in some areas of the city, damaging homes and destroying everything inside. Remnants of that destruction are on display now, piled five to ten feet high, on the curb in front of each hollowed-out house.